“So… What Can You Eat?!”

After explaining my diet to a friend/family member/anyone, they will more often than not incredulously ask, “So… What can you eat?!”  I always answer with, “A lot of things!” and run through my memorized list of foods.

This does of course pose a problem when going out to eat with friends.  There are a lot of restaurants I cannot eat at because their entire menu consists of breads, dairy, sugars and other things I can’t have.  These are places I will one day be able to frequent occasionally but for now… I stay far away from them!

Yesterday James and I met the wonderful Katrina D’Autremont for lunch at Spoon in Flatiron.  So… What did I eat?  I had their “Espana Eggs” — two perfectly poached eggs with pico de gallo, bacon and salad (minus the manchego cheese please!).  It came served on top of two pieces of toast which I unfortunately could not eat and had to remove from my plate.  I washed it all down with a soy latte.  Very satisfying!

Shortly after I finished my meal, I realized that that was the first time in my life that I had ever eaten a poached egg before.  Yes.  Seriously.

And how about that burger and fries across the table.  It looks tasty, doesn’t it?!  Yep, can’t eat it.  Sigh…


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