From Sea to Table

Last Sunday James went on a fishing trip with a friend to Wilmington Canyon, off the coast of Delaware in the Atlantic Ocean.  He left Sunday afternoon and returned home on Monday evening with little sleep and a large amount of fresh caught tuna, all cleaned and wrapped up.

wilmington canyon

We put most of the meat in the freezer except for one steak which we brought straight to our favorite neighborhood sushi place (feel free to ask me for the name… the place is really fresh and they never disappoint!)  As soon as we walked in we took a seat at the back near the sushi station.  James gave the fresh tuna to the chef who smiled and looked just as excited as we were to eat it.  (I should probably note that James had asked the sushi chef the week before about possibly bringing in some fresh caught tuna to the restaurant.  He politely obliged and seemed excited of the possibility.)  They were kind enough to whip up some fresh sashimi and blackened tuna and let me tell you — it was the best fish that either of us had ever had in our lives!

blackened tuna

I can’t even count the number of times we said, “Mmmmm” or “Oh my god, this is so good.”  I think we eventually started to annoy the other patrons in the restaurant.  Afterwards we ordered more sushi and left stuffed with fish.  It was an amazing meal!


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