New Year, New Me, New Car!

I found out over the holidays that I don’t have the greatest willpower on the planet.  I ate enough cookies to feed a small family.  I’m not proud of it but I couldn’t stop!  I was popping coconut bonbons in secret and slipping a different cookie in my mouth every time I passed by the cookie dish that was left out for all to munch on.  Oh the sweet satisfaction!  My taste buds loved it but my stomach was quite angry with me.

But as we all know… The holidays are officially over.  So that means it’s time to stop cheating my diet and get back to it and start the new year as a better and healthier person!

James finally made it back from Michigan on Saturday night with our brand new car!  Ok, so it’s not brand new.  It’s used but to us it’s a brand new toy!  On Sunday, we took her down to Fort Tilden out on the Rockaways in Queens and walked along the beach for a couple of hours.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous… and seemed a bit out of character for NYC winter weather (or am I just used to freezing cold Chicago winters?).  It was so warm that I left my puffy jacket at home!

fort tilden beach rockaway queens new york

For lunch we went farther east on the Rockaways and found a sweet little spot called the Bungalow Bar.  We walked into wood paneling decorated with deer trophy heads.  “It’s like I never left Michigan,” James said and smiled.  There was also a wood burning stove that warmed us up while we waited for our food.

bungalow bar rockaway queens new york

Everyone seemed to know each other and were all there for the same thing — food and football.  James and myself are not even close to being football fans but we still found ourselves watching the Giants game that was on all the TV’s and laughing when the place roared with excitement over the plays on the screen.

I ordered off the brunch menu – a winter frittata with bacon, potato, onion, green pepper and my choice of cheese but since they didn’t have goat cheese, I had to do without.  Their brunch menu also had a drink special of 3 pint Bloody Mary’s for $5.  If I were allowed to drink alcohol I would have taken up that offer in a heartbeat.  I’m sure James was relieved that I couldn’t otherwise he would have been carrying me to the car.

bungalow bar winter frittata rockaway queens new york

I slathered the frittata in ketchup and eventually had to force myself to stop eating knowing that if I didn’t, I would be uncomfortably full soon thereafter.  Unfortunately, I had to forfeit that pretty little fruit cup over to James as I couldn’t eat any of the fruits served.  A big WAH WAH all around for sure.  (And yes, those are wings across the table… along with pretzel sticks and cheese dip – I can look and drool but no eating!!)

After we finished our lunch, James ordered one more beer and I a coffee.  When our waitress came back with my mug o’ joe and canister of milk I asked her if they had soy milk (although I already knew the answer to that question).  She gave me a funny smile and politely said no, they did not.  “Damn city folk and their soy milk!” James poked fun at me after the waitress left our table.  I started laughing at him.  It was true…  But in all seriousness lady, I’m not being a snob, I’m just lactose-intolerant!

  1. Ken Bonk said:

    Nice Post!

  2. Donna said:

    Hey Sarah,
    Where the pix of the car! And for God’s sake how on earth are you able to eat cheese?
    I can’t even look at it without it affecting me.
    Aunt Donna

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