Supporting our Local CSA!

James & I finally had the chance to join our neighborhood CSA this summer.  The morning of June 16th was the first day we were to pick up our first round of vegetables, fruits, eggs and flowers.  That morning, James woke me promptly at 9am.  “It’s time to start waking up!” he told me softly.  “We have to go pick up our CSA!”

“Ok, give me a few minutes,” I replied with my eyes closed, too heavy to open.  I was not quite ready to wake up.

A few minutes passed and James attempted waking me up again.  I opened my eyes to him bright-eyed and smiling.  He was as excited as a little kid on Christmas morning – minus the giddy screaming and jumping on the bed.

We enjoyed the morning walk to McCarren Park where we were to pick up our veggie/fruit/egg/flower share and returned home with two large bags filled with fresh produce.  We had to clean out the fridge to make room for all the wonderful goodies!

greenpoint wiliamsburg csaWe’re now almost three months into our bi-weekly CSA pickup.  It has become a Saturday morning ritual.  Though the excitement of waking up early on a Saturday morning has worn off, we definitely have come up with a routine that consists of setting our alarms, getting all our bags ready and taking the walk over to the pickup area at the park.

We scoured the internet for fun and interesting recipes to make with our yummy produce.  Some were amazing and others… well… not so much.  Below are some of our favorites:


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