Visiting ‘The Pine Tree State’

James and I left Brooklyn last Friday for a long vacation in Maine with some friends.  Friday night, the two of us camped out at the Desert of Maine campground.  Our spot was pretty secluded and the ground was covered with leaves.  Laying in our tent, you could hear the leaves dropping from the trees onto the top of our tent and sliding down the side.  It was a strangely comforting sound.  Before taking off the next morning, we went and walked around the Desert of Maine, a 40-acre area covered in glacial silt.

the desert of maine freeport

After leaving the “desert”, we stopped in Brunswick for breakfast at Jen’s Place.  The inside decor was all decked out in Halloween gear — spooky tablecloths, random skeleton decorations and even a dancing broom that walked its way around the restaurant.  The waitresses had some serious character.  We couldn’t help but laugh at the comments they made to other patrons.  Of course, the food was incredible.  I ordered the Pancake Sammich: two pancakes with bacon and an egg in between, some maple syrup on top – it was the best breakfast I’ve had in a while.  It came with home fries as well that didn’t need any sort of condiments, they were so good.  If you’re ever in Brunswick, definitely make it a point to stop at Jen’s Place for breakfast or brunch.  You won’t be disappointed.

pancake sammich and lobster with butter

After breakfast, we met up with our friends (Carl, Priya and their adorable little girl, Anisa) and headed into Freeport to do some shopping.  After attempting to not spend all our money on all the amazing deals, we got into our cars and headed up the coast to Bar Harbor where the five of us rented a house for a week.  On the way, we stopped at Sprague’s Lobster in Wiscasset for our first taste of lobster of the vacation.

We’ve been in Maine for 4 days now and have had lobster every night for dinner and certainly show no signs of stopping any time soon!

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  1. Tom Davy said:

    Hey Kiddo- I love the “Desert photo”. Keep shooting.

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