Vacationing in the Mitt

Around this time last week, James and I hit the road from the tip of the Mitt back to Brooklyn.  We had been in Northern Michigan for two weeks and unfortunately our vacation had come to an end.  We had a great time hanging out with family and friends but I think Sofie was the one who had the most fun!  We stayed at James’ parents house on Crooked Lake and Sofie had her first real taste of the water.  Living up to the Labrador reputation, she absolutely LOVED the water.  There were 4 other dogs of all sizes and ages at the house at one point – even a 6 month old German Shorthaired Pointer who bonded with Sofie right off the bat.  They became instant friends!


Taken when we first arrived, Sofie instantly took to the water!

sb-north-mich-02Perfect day on Crooked Lake

sb-north-mich-03Max the Schnoodle & Nellie the Wheaten Terrier wait for their turn on the jet ski

sb-north-mich-04Camo the German Shorthaired Pointer & Sof… You wouldn’t know it but they became best buds!

sb-north-mich-05Izzo the Goldendoodle & Sof playing tug-o-war

sb-north-mich-06James wearing his bday present from Sofie

sb-north-mich-07I just love the tall trees that inhabit Northern Michigan

sb-north-mich-08Sun setting out on Crooked Lake

sb-north-mich-09Snow crab on our last night in Northern Michigan – SO GOOD!!

sb-north-mich-10Strawberry-rhubarb pie – DELICIOUS!

This is the 4th year in a row that James and I have vacationed in Michigan over the 4th of July.  It has become a tradition that we absolutely love!

A while back, I made a cross-stitch piece of Crooked Lake, where we stay every summer.  James’ parents loved the piece and at James’ suggestion, I made another piece that will be a part of the Crooked Lake Yacht Club auction next week Friday, the 26th.  I’m very excited about it!



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